Diapers, Undies, & Wipes, Oh My! Diapering and Potty Training Procedures and Solutions

Safe diapering and toilet training is an important and meaningful daily routine that carries much weight. Besides the obvious, you are handling possible pathogens & must keep yourself and your children safe, you are responsible for ensuring that infants and toddlers learn the appropriate self help skills and feel confident in your care. You must also keep all others in your class safe and engaged while you are tending to the one you are diapering & training. That’s no small feat! By the end of this training you will be able to: 

  1. Describe the 7 steps to diapering in a childcare facility.
  2. Identify safety areas to watch out for during your diapering and toileting routine.
  3. Prepare a plan for the class with given strategies to keep students happy and safe while transitioning and completing the diapering and toileting process. 
  4. Understand how diapering and toilet training is actually a way to deepen your one on one connection with each infant/toddler in your care so that you build trust and become a secure anchor for them when they become upset during the day.

This training will also outline strategies for those who are transitioning to toilet training, and tips for ensuring that diapering and toilet training are more than just a mundane act, but rather an opportunity to connect, build trust and safety with each child individually.

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