Understanding Temperament & Promoting Resiliency Skills

Duration: 1 hr

Knowing that resilience is a major component of our human condition, it’s important to understand that each child (and adult for that matter) we work with is unique with their very own temperament. This gives way to preferences and contributes to what their attitudes will be toward things they experience, both good and bad. Our level of resiliency determines how we bounce back from difficulties, traumas, and failure. And as adults we know that failure is inevitable and a valuable teacher. The key is teaching the little ones in our care how to “bounce back” and learn how to overcome adversity. By the end of this training you will be able to: 

  1. Identify the 9 unique temperament traits. 
  2. Name 3 ways temperament affects the learning environment. 
  3. Describe at least 2 effective strategies to use with each temperament trait. 

This training will support all teachers in better understanding their class while promoting resiliency skills to even the littlest of learners. It will challenge teachers’ own mindset and encourage them to adopt a fail forward mindset in their own life.

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