How to Manage Aggressive & Defiant Behavior

Aggressive behavior in the classroom can be a major hazard and disruption to your little learners. Defiant behavior can challenge your sanity. This training will outline some characteristics of typical behavior and what may fall outside of the norm. We will help you understand the mechanics of behavior, so you can objectively observe negative behavior and learn how to best address it. By the end of this training you will: 

  1. Identify the key differences between typical and atypical developmentally appropriate behavior
  2. Describe 5 ways you can best support children in your classroom that are struggling with behavior challenges. 
  3. Identify the ABC’s of behavior and outline steps to plan for aggression in the classroom. 
  4. Name 3 steps to shift your mindset and how you think about behavior so that you may remain calm during child outbursts and challenges.

You will learn specific actions to take when handling an aggressive or defiant child and best practices for diffusing behavioral outbursts. This training will also discuss the importance of effective communication with not only families but administration when dealing with aggressive students so that you can receive the support you need to crush the challenge that challenging behavior often presents. Our industry needs you, don’t let challenging child behaviors lead to your own burnout. We understand and we’ve got you. Let’s tackle this together!

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