Impact Early Education provides valuable continuing education courses for preschool teachers, directors, and owners in ways that work for them so that they can focus on what matters most and help their children thrive. Our evidence-based courses are accessible, engaging, and affordable and clients actually enjoy taking them. With our courses, early educators gain knowledge that applies well beyond the classroom, gets them excited about learning, and builds the skills needed to handle even the most challenging situations in your profession. We offer 3 libraries of courses: preschool teacher courses, administrative courses designed for preschool owners and directors, and a train-the-trainer track of courses for agencies, universities, and foundations to access our content to use for their own presentations. We offer both in person courses and online courses. Our online courses are presented in video format by our instructional coaches and are self paced so that learners may watch all of the course or short segments at any time that is convenient for their busy schedules. Online courses are designed to meet the needs of different learning styles and include B roll of teachers modeling strategies as well as graphics and wording from key points added to the screen. Each course ends with a segment that is similar to a podcast where we dive deeper into the course topic and apply it to real world situations that occur in preschools. We discuss practical applications of the material, barriers to expect, shifts in mindsets that are necessary, and examples of problems that we have encountered in the trenches and how to overcome them. Our vision and goal is that early educators will learn valuable ways of thinking about situations, gain a deeper understanding of child development, and will learn new strategies and skills so that they can give each child the firm foundation needed for future academic success and greater life opportunities.

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If you enrolled with the wrong email address, you no longer have access to the original email address, or believe you may have misspelled your email address, reach out to our customer support team to request assistance enrolling under another email address. You may email us at [email protected] or call us at 904-494-6123.

If you are still experiencing login issues after resetting your login credentials, this could indicate an issue with your browser or device. We recommend following the common technical troubleshooting.

If the troubleshooting guide does not resolve the login issue, please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]. In your email, please include as much of the following information as you are able to:

– Your full name, Your school name
– The email address you used to create the account
– Purchasing details (date of purchase, amount of purchase, product purchased OR school your membership is associated with & your Director’s name)

After enrolling in a course, a confirmation email is sent to the email address you used to enroll or purchase the product. This email has a button to click on that will confirm your account and walk you through creating your login credentials.

If you are still logged in after enrollment, you will see a banner to confirm your account. If you do not see your confirmation email in your inbox, click the Resend Email button at the top of the banner. The link in the student confirmation email is valid for one week.

Once you have set up your account log in and credentials, you may return to the Impact Early Education website any time you wish to log into your dashboard and access courses. To do so, click on “Membership Login” in the top right corner of the home page and enter your login information.

Your certificate of completion with your CEU on it will be provided to you after you have viedwed the course in it’s entirety, passed an end of course quiz with a score of 80% or higher, and completed a course feedback form. After completing the course click in the top right corner on the blue “complete and continue” button. Your certificate will appear with confetti on the screen. Click the Download button underneath the certificate to save the certificate to your computer or device. Once a certificate is unlocked you will also receive an email notification with a link to view the certificate. You must be opted-in to receive this email. You may download the certificate to print or email it. You may always contact our office at [email protected] if you have any problems and would like us to email a certificate to you.

Your certificates may always be accessed through your membership log in. Once logged in click on the appropriate course and then in the left side menu of the course where curricula is listed, click on the certificate tab. The certificate will appear, then click on the download button underneath it to save a copy of the certificate. You may also search within your inbox for the original email when the certificate was issued. This email will contain a link to the Certificate tab of the course curriculum where you can view and download your certificate.
No, Our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, each course is self-paced and may be completed on your own timeline. So you can choose to watch a course in its entirety or you may stop and come back where you left off. We have broken our courses up into small segments of time so that you may stop viewing after each lesson and complete the course when it’s most convenient for you.
You may try again if you do not pass the course. A minimum of 80% is required to pass the course, if you do not meet this click on previous segments and rewatch the related course segments to review the key concepts. You may also look within your course resource guide for tips and reminders of content. Click on the quiz and retry. The number of attempts is unlimited.
You do not lose access to the course after purchasing it.

Yes, Impact Early Education is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training ( IACET). IACET developed the original Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and today ensures that providers of continuing education and training can prove they provide high-quality instruction by following the ANSI/IACET 2018-1 Standard for Continuing Education and Training through a rigorous accreditation process.

The ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training is a universal model for learning process excellence. It defines a proven model for developing effective and valuable continuing education and training programs by measuring a provider’s training program from procedure to process to result. Because the ANSI/IACET Standard focuses on how continuing education and training programs are developed, not what they cover, it provides a certifiable framework of researched and proven best practices that can be applied across disciplines and industries. The ANSI/IACET Standard measures all aspects of a provider’s program development across nine nationally recognized categories. This has allowed for the ANSI/IACET Standard to be recognized as the official standard for CE/T in the world.

Successful completion of our online courses requires a few important tools. Before you enroll, make sure you can meet the following technology requirements:

  • Working computer or mobile device
  • Working audio for listening to courses through speakers/headphones/earbuds
  • Stable internet connection
  • Compatible internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)


  • Access to a printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (used for viewing PDF files outside of a web browser)
  • Microsoft Office (includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
No, each user is required to have their own account so that CEU certificates may be issued correctly

Please email the Impact Early Education office at [email protected] for any membership cancellation requests

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