Break the Cycle: Supporting Your Teachers when They Deal with Challenging Behaviors

As a director you’ve seen it time and time again, the seemingly never ending calls from your teachers for backup because of a student behavior issue that they didn’t feel able to handle. When your staff asks for support, how you approach it is everything. By the end of this training you will:

  1. Describe traits of typical and atypical child development in relation to behavior. 
  2. Identify the negative effects challenging behavior has on students and teachers in the classroom. 
  3. Name three strategies you can employ to support your staff immediately when they are dealing with challenging student behavior in the class. 

With the right support from you, your teachers will learn how to best work with the children who have challenging behaviors in a way that supports more meaningful interactions and less behavioral outbursts overtime. You CAN break that cycle and an added bonus. Your teachers’ will feel less frustrated and happier in their jobs!

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