Make Things Happen with Collaborative Action Plans

What’s a collaborative action plan and how can these help your school? A collaborative action plan is a plan that teams work on together to tackle issues within the organization and to accomplish goals together. These goals can be larger scale like a goal to increase enrollment or begin outdoor lessons, or they can be focused within one classroom on a specific child’s challenging behavior. Collaborative action plans are a win-win strategy for operating your school because they naturally create team building opportunities and strengthen relationships in your school, accomplish your own goals with less work by you, and empower your employees to truly make an impact. Schools that utilize collaborative action plans have improved culture and team morale and lower turnover rates. By the end of this training on Collaborative action plans you’ll be able to: 

  1. Describe what a collaborative action plan is. 
  2. Identify components of a collaborative action plan. 
  3. Create a creative action plan to address a specific goal you have for your center. 

You will learn how to better bring about change in your school by implementing action plans with your team. You’ll learn what we think is the most important element, and we will include a dose of reality… how to plan for obstacles and failure, because it is the nature of our industry. Plus, it’s in these moments that we learn! Through positive support and guidance your plans will succeed and your team will grow in confidence!

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