Empowering You: Bringing the Joy Back to your Job

Your job as a director or owner is tough, you wear many hats in your role and it can be difficult to find a good balance between being supportive to your team, being present for their ever changing needs, all while putting out little fires and getting your daily work duties fulfilled. At the end of this training, “Empowering You! How To Bring Joy Back To Work,” you will be able to identify ways your mindset can be a roadblock to progress, and how to adjust your methods and thinking to effectively meet the needs of your unique staff and center. As you progress through the training you will learn about the stress cycle and how vital it is that we continuously close our stress cycle after stressors. You will be equipped with strategies to live more intentionally at work, and home, so you may successfully plan and execute goals outlined for your school, your team, and yourself.

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