How We Get to “Great”: Staying Committed to the Process

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Did you know that you are a sum of your daily actions? Your actions add up, and small habits that we practice daily can have a major impact on our productivity and work performance. At the end of this training, “How We Get To Great: Staying Committed to the Process,”  you will be able to not only identify and discuss your personal leadership style, but also successfully design a personal productivity plan from  research based methods that will support you in keeping your days productive, and in line with the bigger picture you have envisioned for your staff and center. 

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Identify how to establish a habit and focus on the compounding effects of our daily habits
  2. Identify your leadership style and the routines and process you can establish to reach your daily goals
  3. Develop a plan for implementing your processes within your own life and for your team
  4. Name 5 goals for this quarter 
  5. Describe your next steps to put routines and processes in place to reach your 5 goals

In remembering that our actions have the potential to make a major impact on our staff and the families that we serve, it’s easy to “stay committed,” to routines and do what will create the best educational outcomes for all! Successful completion of this course will set yourself up for success both in your personal life and in the way you lead your team.

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