Ewww That’s Yucky!!: Supporting and Navigating Sensory Issues in Your Classroom

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Sensory processing issues are becoming more prevalent in preschool classrooms and while sensory processing disorders do not have an official diagnosis YET they often fall within the spectrum of other diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism and developmental delays. This training is designed to give you practical solutions for meeting the needs of children with sensory processing issues so they can thrive in your classroom. You will learn about sensory differences and will better understand sensory seekers, avoiders, and under-responders. We will give you a deeper understanding of the unique sensory needs of your students and will help you tailor your classroom, curriculum, and instruction appropriately. You will leave this training with a better understanding of how sensory processing challenges can affect mood, behavior, and your classroom atmosphere all while learning activities and strategies that will be a source of inclusion for all of your little learners.

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