Meet the Team: ​Alexius Ferguson


Hi! I’m Alexius Ferguson, a writer and instructional coach for Impact Early Education.

I’m here because I believe in Teri and support her vision in life overall. I’m also a geek for development and professionalism, so it was a perfect fit.

​While I wear many hats, my purpose in life is to minister to God’s people and compel them to turn to Him, no matter how bad their actions or lifestyles have been. In professional roles, the minister designation is never left behind. It’s who I am, first and foremost.

So while I can’t always minister in the historical sense, I operate with a finger on the pulse of the greatest two commandments: love God with all that we are, and love our neighbors as ourselves. This doesn’t require biblical expertise or biblical language, but an inside-out life of compassion and submission. I love and submit to Jesus, and I love and respect my neighbors, inside-out because it’s the Holy Spirit empowering me to do so.


I’m an African American minister who serves (and was licensed under!) Pastor Nathan White at Words of Life Church. I’m the owner of Redemption Consulting, LLC., a consulting agency that specializes in education and leadership consulting.

Most of my professional experience has been in education and social work, which has been my area of expertise for nine years. In particular, I do a lot of ministry work with at-risk youth, coaching sports and striving to be an outstanding community leader who’s working for change


I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Education.

Some Fun Facts

I’m a lifelong athlete and played football in college.

I’ve served as an educator or leader in two of the schools I attended as a kid: St. Augustine High School and Webster Elementary School!

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