Meet the Team: Connie Phillips


Hi! I’m Connie Phillips, a writer for Impact Early Education.

I’m here because I can use my many years of preschool teaching and mentoring as a great resource!

What brings me the greatest joy is teaching and watching a small child’s confidence soar as they learn to do things themselves. My favorite sound in the classroom is a young person’s voice joyfully proclaiming, “I did it!”  I believe in giving children the right tools at the right time to help them thrive developmentally. It’s her mission to help instill confidence in parents, childcare providers, and the children they care for.


I have over three decades of experience in early education. I worked in Montessori schools in San Diego and Cambria, CA before relocating to St. Augustine in 2005 to be closer to my granddaughter Bella, who adored Montessori lessons with Grandma Gooky (which became known as Gooky School).


I have an Associate’s of Theology and received my Montessori Teaching Certificate in 1990.

Some Fun Facts 

My absolute favorite movie is Swiss Family Robinson.

One time, early in the morning at school, a humming bird had somehow gotten inside my classroom and kept trying to go out through the big windows near the ceiling. I could tell it was getting tired and needed help, so I taped flowers on the wall down to the door so it would find its way outside, and it worked! Then I had a great story to tell the children at circle time.

It’s time to learn.

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