Meet the Team: Cristina Duncan


Hi! I’m Cristina Duncan. I’m a writer and instructional coach for Impact Early Education; I also work in the sales and marketing departments!

I’m here because I believe in teachers SO MUCH! I want them to have access to the best training material that will encourage, empower, and inspire them so they can show up every day charged up and ready to embrace their calling. 

Being a part of the team at Impact Early Education is literally a dream! I love to contribute to the trainings we provide. I’ve written some of the training and have even had the opportunity to record a few of them. It’s truly a passion project, as I believe strongly that we can transform the lives of teachers who have the greatest sphere of influence on our next generation.


I’m an early childhood movement instructor and have been working with children from ages 2 1/2 – 6 for over 10 years. While my education and professional experience are primarily in business and operations management, my passion is working with children!

I’ve spent many years developing dance programs that encourage confidence and character-building skills for my students. Each week, I have the opportunity to teach 95 students. My program is now offered in several public schools, local community centers across the county, and several preschools.


I have my Bachelor’s in Applied Science for Supervision & Management from Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Some Fun Facts 

I drink Santa’s White Christmas Coffee EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

And even though I don’t like to travel, I religiously watch House Hunters episodes or any variation of that show (like Caribbean Life: House Hunters International).

It’s time to learn.

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