Our Mission at Impact Early Education


Understanding the destination helps guide the journey.

Impact Early Education was created to improve the early learning experiences of children across our nation. We know high-quality early educational experiences will get children more excited about learning; build strong social emotional skills; and develop the cognitive skills necessary for future academic success, despite socioeconomic status.

A positive early learning experience sets children up for greater opportunities in life, and our nation is counting on these little ones to grow into healthy, happy, successful citizens.

How can we help accomplish this? By building up and supporting our early educators! 

We believe preschool teachers can be more fulfilled by their work and the stigma and stereotypes of what early educators “do” should be challenged.

Teachers who are knowledgeable, well-trained, and equipped with the very best classroom management strategies will be able to prepare their children well for future academic success. 

We also believe directors, owners, and administrators can excel at operating top-notch, fully-enrolled schools while leading a cohesive team that stays.

Compassionate leaders in the early education industry can — and will — excel when they’re empowered with knowledge and strategies.

Our mission is to advance the early education industry by providing superior professional development resources and solutions to everyone in early education. We promote the highest quality early education for all children by transforming the way early educators think and learn.   

All of our courses are affordable, relatable, and encourage personal growth, and they truly exist to help you make an impact. Every teacher lesson is written by an exceptional educators who’s highly educated and has real-world classroom experience, and every 

director and owner lesson is written by an experienced leader who knows how to help you succeed. 

These courses are created by real people, with real people in mind! That’s why we teach real-world application and solutions, combining scientific research and best practices with practical strategies that result in true change — not just in the early learning classrooms, but in the daily operations of schools, too. 

For every preschool teacher, director, owner, and operator out there, we want you to know that your days are hard, but your work truly matters.

Impact Early Education exists to inspire hope in important people like you who spend their days with little learners. We’re here to build an early childhood education community like no other, where there’s always an abundance of support, encouragement, and hope. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our courses, or get in touch with our team today. 

It’s time to learn.

There’s a better way to complete those preschool teacher training courses — trust us.

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