Professional development for preschool owners, directors, & teachers.

Your preschool teachers deserve high-quality, IACET accredited continuing education opportunities, staff resources and ongoing support from leadership.

Reduce turnover & increase enrollment, at a price far less than hiring a new teacher.

Training designed by highly experienced directors and principals

Research-based focus on practical application

Affordable memberships to fit every budget!

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Become a member of Impact Early Education’s group of preschool owners and directors.


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Select training courses that suit the needs of your staff and enjoy leadership courses created for you.


Watch your preschool thrive.

Watch your students and teachers thrive, thanks to the quality courses from Impact Early Education.

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Training Topics

Take the first step towards exciting professional development training courses that suit your needs.

Health & Safety

Social Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

Leadership & Professional Development

Behavior Management

Infants & Toddlers


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How We Get to “Great”: Staying Committed to the Process

The 5 Fundamentals to Successful Marketing for Your Preschool

Hiring Top Performers & Onboarding Them for Success

Break the Cycle: Supporting Your Teachers when They Deal with Challenging Behaviors

Our online training courses will help you...

Transform how your teachers learn

Provide real world tips that improve classroom management skills

Encourage professional and personal growth for your teachers

One on One Coaching

Do you spend the majority of your days putting out fires & dealing with teacher turnover? If so, you’re not alone. This is a serious problem in our industry, and it stems from you and your staff not being equipped with the right resources to handle challenges and stay ahead of burnout. We know that education, support, & accountability have to exist for you to run a profitable, successful school.

We offer one on one coaching for Owners & Directors so we come alongside you and help you determine your best next steps. We dive deep into what’s working well and we help you identify the pain points. We’ll come up with specific action steps to accelerate your growth and exceed your goals. Our mission is to give you your life back, so that you can focus on doing more of what you love. Let’s schedule your first coaching call, we are excited to get to know you!

It’s time for a new way to learn.

You’re too busy to spend time and resources on training that isn’t valuable or applicable in the real world.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by teaching situations you don’t know how to handle, and start enjoying your training with Impact Early Education. Our program directors started as preschool teachers, and now we’re proud to bring you professional development courses designed by an educator with a dual Ph.D. in Educational Psychology & Development Psychology.

Impact Early Education was born with one mission: to make training for preschool teachers relevant, effective, and enjoyable. We tell our students that learning should be fun, and you know what? It should be!

Ready to get started with training courses you’ll actually enjoy and find useful?

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