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To do your job well, you need professional development you can count on. Whether you want to secure your position, advance in your role, or develop the skills required to handle complex teaching challenges that are bound to pop up over the course of the day. You deserve access to high-quality accredited professional development courses that are both educational and affordable.

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You deserve high-quality, research-based professional development that doesn’t feel like a chore. At Impact Early Education, we’re here to deliver it with:


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Trauma Informed Child Care – Teaching with Trauma in Mind

Nutrition & Exercise: How to Teach Children Lifelong Healthy Habits

Ewww That’s Yucky!!: Supporting and Navigating Sensory Issues in Your Classroom

Understanding Temperament & Promoting Resiliency Skills

Diapers, Undies, & Wipes, Oh My! Diapering and Potty Training Procedures and Solutions

Teaching with Cultural Competency: Responding to Diversity in Your Classroom

Discover 5 Easy Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success in Your Classroom!

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Discover 5 Easy Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success in Your Classroom!

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