Lesson Planning & Curricula


One of the most important parts of your job as a teacher is being prepared for each day. In fact, one key component of a high-quality early learning classroom experience is a well-ordered

and predictable routine, as it makes your little ones feel confident, valued, and secure.

A thorough lesson plan will allow you to gather and prepare learning materials, actively engage and excite diverse learners, and plan for critical transitions. Whether you plan for the entire year, each week, or day by day, the right mindset and intentional strategies can create powerful learning opportunities. 

A Few Tips for Lesson Planning

Purposeful lesson planning can help you strike a balance between structure, flexibility, and choice in your classroom. Since lesson planning is such a big part of what you do, we want to share some tips to help you lesson plan with purpose. 

Be intentional.

You can create a general plan for the month, but the specific activities that align with your thematic unit should be purposeful and powerful. The level of attention and detail that goes into planning will absolutely improve your instructional flow AND child behavior. Thoughtfully planned lessons may take longer at first, but will take less time with a little practice. Remember, there is not one perfect way to plan, and teachers with the most well-laid plans may often struggle from time to time. 

Get focused.

If you’re lesson planning at home, you have to get focused! Remove yourself from people, pets, and distractions, and make yourself comfortable. Grab a cup of coffee, turn on your favorite music, create a positive mindset, and imagine the big picture: your little ones are counting on you to create engaging, early learning experiences, so the time you spend creating thoughtful lesson plans will give your children the best. 

Team up. 

Say it with us: “Teachers are a wealth of knowledge.” Seriously!! You put so much time and effort and heart into your classroom, and your coworkers do, too. That’s why we always recommend planning with other teachers if possible! Why reinvent the wheel? Connect, collaborate, and enjoy it. You’re all in this thing together! 

Intentional teachers are purposeful in their actions, the way they speak to their students, and in their approach to lesson planning. Regardless of if you’re a family child care provider or preschool teacher, lesson planning is hard. Planning meaningful learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, interesting, and that include a variety of approaches is even harder! 

Make Lesson Planning a Breeze

These lesson planning strategies take time, practice, and patience. It’s a lot! So if you need to, start small. Plan just a few activities each week, then gradually add in more as you go. Your little ones will love the skills and concepts, especially when it’s fun and meaningful (and you’ll love having an orderly classroom and better behavior!). 

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