Who We Serve

At Impact Early Education, we serve people like you who work hands-on in the early childhood education environment. From preschool teachers to preschool owners and directors, we’re here to provide accessible, high-quality, comprehensive continuing education that you’ll actually really enjoy!

Preschool Teachers

We design informative and engaging teacher training courses to equip you for success.

Preschool Owners & Directors

Give your teachers a foundation for success with our unique professional development courses that will grow your leadership, improve your daily operations, and transform your school's culture.

Stop settling for standard training courses.

You have a crazy, busy schedule. As an early educator, you give so much of your time and energy to help your kids. Between daily tasks in and out of the classroom, you have to keep little people busy and safe all day long while, oh yeah, you try to find a moment to eat, run to the restroom, and manage you own life. Sounds easy, right?

Wrong! We know because we’ve been there before. And on top of all that day-to-day craziness, you have to find time for continuing education?! Yes. But that’s because you want what’s best for your kids, and a sharp, smart teacher is the perfect place to start. The good news is that that earning those CEUs doesn't have to be something you don't look forward to (or, let's be real — dread).

With our professional development courses, you’ll receive the tools and strategies you need to overcome real-world pre-school problems. Get excited! You’re about to engage in fun, valuable training courses created by fellow educators who totally get you.

Discover 5 Easy Steps to Set Yourself Up for Success in Your Classroom!

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